Our New BOOK Reveals: 'How The Final Fantasy Series Connected You To The Characters And Made You Fall In Love While Facing Their Struggles With Them'

The Psychology of Final Fantasy: Surpassing The Limit Break

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"The Psychology of Final Fantasy: Surpassing The Limit Break book helped me understand why playing video games is so important to people today. This is not just a book, this is a lifeline helping you connect with yourself and others." - Happy Customer Raving Fan
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"Do you know these authors?!"

 See What Some Of These Experts Are Talking About!
Ryan Kelly
Chapter - "The Livestream Of Identity Development, Memories, And The Final Fantasy Franchise"  - Page 181
Emory Stephen Daniel
Chapter - "Drinking The Magika: The Struggle Of Overcoming Parasocial Relationships and Genocidal Regimes In Final Fantasy X" - Page 145
Wind Goodfriend & Melissa Huntley
Chapter - "Gender Subtypes: Beyond White Mages And Beserkers" - Page 93
Niles P. Muzyk
Chapter - "Gesalt[ing] The Group: How Principles Of Perception Inform Our Fantasy - Page 23
Louise Grann
Chapter - "A Black Mage's Search For Meaning" - Page 163
Rachel Kowert
Chapter - "The Story Telling Of Final Fantasy" - Page 9
Chelsea M. Hughes & Stephanie Orme
Chapter  - "Trauma: More Than A Boss In Final Fantasy"  - Page 199

Figure out how you can surpass your limit break TOO!

Want to know the secret on how we figured it out? Read Below... 😉

"This Book Is Going to Help You Understand how To Utilize Video Games from a therapy perspective In A Super Fun WAY by Yourself!"

My plan was to start writing books on video games that had the potential to reach people and tell them about the amazing things video games can do for us. 

However, it has not been an easy journey. There were many real life bosses and NPCs who just didn’t seem to give out the right quest for us to move forward with all of our awesome knowledge we have. 

The thing is I was having trouble finding the perfect example that would be easy to relate to. That meant I wasn’t able to expand the minds of other clinicians, teach them the benefits, and let alone help gamers get in touch with their feelings.

To make things worse, it felt terrible because everyone could miss out on the opportunity to inspire others with ways to help more people. I felt even worse about the situation because I personally knew friends who this could help but they didn't have the understanding of how it could help them. I felt like we were failing as therapists for not helping more people.

The problem was that traditional approaches to understanding modern media did not work on those who spent all of their time playing video games. Which meant if we couldn't develop a method to bridge the understanding of why gamers preferred the alternative reality of video games to dealing with real life we wouldn't be able to break the limits of using this media for therapy, which meant we would fail to help an entire generation of people.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when I met a client who played a game I loved as much as they did. And while talking, we figured out all about the intricacies of how they related to the video game avatar Link from The Legend of Zelda!

After the intervention with that client, I started seeing how we can help more than just our clients.

It was now crystal clear to me how to relate one's acknowledgement of self to the identity of a character, and because of this, I saw we could help parents, friends, clinicians, or anyone who plays games.

As a result I found other like-minded clinicians, and partnered with them to create a detailed book on The Legend of Zelda, a game millions of people love.

We thought if we could create something that would make it possible to help the reader understand themselves, we’d be really happy that we managed to help others.

We then started to let other clinicians use The Psychology of Zelda: Linking Our World to the Legend of Zelda Series to build insight, help personal growth, and connect with one another.

Suddenly, I was getting tons of positive feedback from every day gamers on their experiences with playing Zelda and how they felt as they related to the characters.

That’s when I realized that the secret to build awareness for how video games can be used for therapy was writing books to show others how it works.

I can now hand someone a book to read that will help them start their journey on helping themselves and others. 

After a year of writing, 5 versions, 53 rewrites, and entire month of proof reading hours, we created the next book in this series. We chose to call it “The Psychology of Final Fantasy: Surpassing The Limit Break”.

"But Hey - Don't Take My Word For IT!"

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"Love The Frameworks!"
"The Psychology of Final Fantasy book helped me understand the different methods of psychology present in video games." - Raving Fan
"Opened My Eyes!"
"The Psychology of Final Fantasy book helped me develop another tool to use for adolescence in therapy." - Raving Fan
"Finally Got Clarity!"
"The Psychology of Final Fantasy book helped me understand why video games were such an important part of my life." - Raving Fan

Here's Who This Works For:

 Final Fantasy Lovers
 Social Workers
 Role Playing Game Lovers
 Psychology Lovers

So if you're curious how you can use video games to learn more about yourself and others...

This Book Is For You!

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Here's A Few Secrets You'll Discover In The Book (FREE)

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside:

Section 1:

  • Insight #1: Learn why the limit break is an important feature of the game (and title!) on page 6 .
  • Insight #2: Learn about why Final Fantasy uses a Kishõtenketsu structure to drive their storyline on page 10.
  • Insight #3: Learn how Final Fantasy used a Kishõtenketsu structure in Final Fantasy VI on Page 13.
  • Insight #4: Learn how Final Fantasy used a Bushido technique and Japanese culture to help narrate their games on page 16.
  • Insight #5: Learn what Gestalt Psychology is and how it interacts with the Final Fantasy Saga on page 23.
  • Insight #6: Learn how psychological principles are in play when you are building your own party on starting on page 25.
  • Insight #7: Learn how Gestalt psychology principles apply to the individual worlds of Final Fantasy and how the creators use this to their advantage in the storyline on page 32.
  • Insight #8: Learn how the creators of Final Fantasy use the emotional journeys and narratives to counteract the loss of immersion from simple rinse and repeat battle styles on page 36.
  • Insight #9: Learn about how the emotional connection to your party members plays a role and impacts your story progression on page 37.
  • Insight #10: Learn why the term “Final Fantasy” itself is considered a gestalt and hat tipoff to the journey the player undergoes through the saga on page 39.

Section 2:

  • Insight #11: Learn why Nobuo Uematsu’s music grabs you, as the player, throughout the game starting on page 43.
  • Insight #12: Learn about the repetition of music within the Final Fantasy franchise and why the loops and repeating themes are constantly on our minds on page 45.
  • Insight #13: Learn about Habituation theory within the music of Final Fantasy on page 48.
  • Insight #14: Learn about the shared themes across the Final Fantasy franchise within the music on page 50.
  • Insight #15: Learn how Particularly for returning players, these musical themes also trigger nostalgic recollections of previous Final Fantasy experiences on page 52.
  • Insight #16: Learn how the repetition of both the main series themes and of beloved tunes from specific games extends far beyond the world of orchestral arrangements, and into the larger online community of video game music fans on page 56.
  • Insight #17: Learn why crystals are the primary elements of lore in Final Fantasy on page 61.
  • Insight #18: Learn why harmonizing the physical, spiritual and emotional energies within the crystals, restores their sine and balance to the world itself on page 62.
  • Insight #19: Learn about the different elements crystals represent starting on page 64.
  • Insight #20: Learn how the crystals in the Final Fantasy series play an integral role in connecting the realms of each game on page 69.

Section 3:

  • Insight #21: Learn how Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII uses material to build on combining elements, powerful bonds, and strengthens the harmonization of the story on page 72
  • Insight #22: Learn how Final Fantasy has progressed from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XV along a similar technological development curve to Earth’s (but with magical and spiritual influences, of course) on page 79.
  • Insight #23: Learn how Lock Cole from Final Fantasy VI is a perfect example of a character that practices Dasein on page 81
  • Insight #24: Learn how the characters in Final Fantasy have to believe they are a part of something larger than themselves on page 85.
  • Insight #25: Learn how Terra’s storyline mimics the classic Greek Allegory of the Cave on page 89.
  • Insight #26: Learn about Gender Subtypes across the Final Fantasy franchise on page 93.
  • Insight #27: Learn how the warrior archetype, the prevailing emotional quality is anger, but there is also internal discipline, so the aggression usually comes out in more controlled and socially appropriate forms on page 118.
  • Insight #28: Learn why Final Fantasy villains are obsessed with Apotheosis on page 140.
  • Insight #29: Learn how the Final Fantasy franchise affects identity development, memories, and our experiences on page 181.
  • Insight #30: Learn how Final Fantasy uses trauma to draw the player in, focus their goals, and use it to their benefit on page 202.

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The Psychology of Final Fantasy: Surpassing The Limit Break
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